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Digital Design and Editing

In the course of our print and design work we also do a lot of original digital design and editing.

This includes photography work, logo design, image editing.

Photography link

We produce all of our own product photography (with only a few provided by suppliers for copyright reasons).

In addition to this we also undertake a lot of ‘other’ photography eg fauna, flora, landscapes, portraits etc.

Repair and Maintenance

As we do a lot of our own maintenance and repair we also offer this service to our clients to keep them up-and-running.

This might involve simple advice, to full on hands-on work on the problem item.

Website Design and Editing

We develop and maintain our own web-space and we can offer this as a service to others as well.

This includes proprietary offerings like Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce and more. But we also provide custom design work, including custom coding.