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DIY Sublimation Prints #1


DIY Sublimation Prints

Sublimation printing is used as part of a transfer system to print a design, or image, and then placing it on a suitable object via a heat press.

If you like a bit of DIY, we can print your designs/images for you ready for heat pressing.

  • Select the paper (currently only Izumi brand)
  • Select the size you require
  • Upload your images
  • Provide details of image size and quantity

We use Izumi inks exclusively.

We can assist with the transfer process should you have any questions.

We also do custom mug prints

External Resources

Sublibiz Ink


Acrorip V10 DTF Software (free postage)


Acrorip V10 Raster Image Processing Software (free postage)

This product is the licensed version! The package is a licensed USB Key that allows you to download and use the Acrorip software.

This Version 10.7 software comes with a DTGRIP | DTFRIP USB security dongle that works with many popular Epson based DTG Printers, DTF Printers and also UV Printers.

V10 includes all the latest driver updates, improvements and fixes over previous V10 versions, including but not limited to:

  • Selectable Media Options for XP-15000 / ET-8500 / ET-8550 (5 different media settings, to accommodate different types of media/film)
  • New Drivers including the Epson Photo R1800, Stylus Pro 4000
  • Epson P6000 improvements for roll handling efficiency
  • Improved paper margin / paper feeding functionality on various printer models including the Epson Stylus Pro 4880 / 7800 / 7880
  • Ink sequence improvements for the ET-8500/8550 (including the ability to utilize the KWCYMW sequence), as well as additional stability and performance improvements
  • Optimized functionality and patches for recent windows security updates

Acrorip V11 DTF Software (free postage)


Acrorip V11 Raster Image Processing Software (free postage)


ACRORIP ® V11 (DTFRIP ®) is a new/separate product and available in 2 editions (ACRORIP V11 desktopDTF ® and ACRORIP V11 wideDTF ®).
Any new functionality or new printer compatibility releases will only be made available in ACRORIP ® V11 (not in V10).

Welcome to our website and online shop!

Please look around, we have a growing range of products focusing on turning creative imaginings, both yours and ours, into something tangible.

Printed products, both custom and pre-print (promotional, gifts, memorabilia, awards, souvenir, or just because)

Consumables (inks, paper, vinyl, and more)

Print, and printer, software

Hardware (printers and maintenance)

If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us and we will try to source it for you.

Other Services

please contact us if you require further information regarding our services @sales

Digital Design and Editing

In the course of our print and design work we also do a lot of original digital design and editing.

This includes photography work, logo design, image editing.

Photography link

We produce all of our own product photography (with only a few provided by suppliers for copyright reasons).

In addition to this we also undertake a lot of ‘other’ photography eg fauna, flora, landscapes, portraits etc.

Repair and Maintenance

As we do a lot of our own maintenance and repair we also offer this service to our clients to keep them up-and-running.

This might involve simple advice, to full on hands-on work on the problem item.

Website Design and Editing

We develop and maintain our own web-space and we can offer this as a service to others as well.

This includes proprietary offerings like Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce and more. But we also provide custom design work, including custom coding.